Blessing Hancock

Blessing Hancock worked with Gizmo to have them fabricate and install this large stainless steel, water jet cut sculpture.

The name of the public art piece is “As One” and was installed in the park, Dillard Green Space in Broward County, Florida.

Each individual petal was water jet cut and then welded to the artist specifications. She designed the shapes and cut-outs that are displayed along the vertical pieces.

Gizmo hired an electrician and contractor who subcontracted to do the footing and to install the jbox for the lighting.

The lighting makes the shadows of the sculpture aluminate on the grassy area surround the piece, echoing the beautiful shapes cut from the metal.

Peter Richards

Gizmo Art Production Inc. was selected to develop the concept into a working model and then to fabricate and install the finished product. Client: Peter Richards Category: Sculpture Fabrication Location: Household Hazardous Waste Facility, San Jose, California Date: April 2014 “Watershed” created by Oakland artist Peter Richards, is an environmental artwork integrating its conceptual and philosophical underpinnings with…

Moto Ohtake

Gizmo installed Moto’s piece in downtown San Francisco. Artist: Moto Ohtake Client: SF Arts Commission  Category: Public Art Location: 4th and Brannan street, San Francisco  Gizmo installed this first piece of public artwork along the San Francisco Central Subway line. Microcosmic a wind-activated kinetic sculpture by Bay Area-based artist Moto Ohtake. The art piece is a stainless…

Jim Campbell & Werner-Klotz

Gizmo installed this massive reflective sculpture in the new San Francisco Subway. Artist: Jim Campbell & Werner Klotz Category: Sculpture fabrication  Location: Union Square/Market Street Station Date: April 2021 Located on the platform level of the Union Square/Market Street Station, the artists Jim Campbell and Werner Klotz have created a site-specific stainless steel sculpture titled Illuminated Scroll. This…