Yulia Pinkusevich SIMA Sculptural Seating Stanford Bench


Yulia Pinkusevich SIMA Sculptural Seating

September 4, 2015

            Artists are curious in nature and art is rooted in experimentation. With this in mind, we set out to design seating for creative people to engage with. SIMA is a sculptural seating installation inspired by ancient sandstone formations. It functions as a unique gathering place for students, faculty, staff and visitors, with a capacity to seat over a dozen people. SIMA can comfortably accommodate an class of students, a tour group, or all staff on a lunch break. Outfitted with 4 benches, 3 loungers and a tabletop area, people can study, eat, talk, sleep or just relax while enjoying the comforts of SIMA’s curves.

            SIMA will be located in the McMurtry Art & Art History Building lobby, a space where the interplay of nature and architecture permeates the building. The seating design responds to this interplay by embracing organic form, and balances this with highly functional, eco-conscious design. This design is geared towards a flexibility of seating experiences. People can enjoy a multitude of safe and engaging user encounters: social and solitary, common and adventurous, formal and relaxed. Users can sit upon the lower benches or step up to the top of the form and lounge in the contemplation chair. Here one can relax while engaging in intimate conversation or simply enjoy a moment of silence while watching the sky change.

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