Children's interative installation

Using Graphics Throughout Exhibits To Educate

By combining style, text, illustrations, and images, Gizmo’s works closely with graphic companies to effectively develop your project through a variety of visual avenues. Gizmo regularly is ordering and creating elements like 3-D Lettering/Vinyl Graphics for clients. At Gizmo, our capabilities allow us to mix various mediums to create unique and high-quality graphic applications including banners, labels, printed…

Gizmo can Build all your Display Cases

Gizmo custom designs distinctive cases and display supports for a range of valuable collections.  From antique wine collections to historic artifacts, Gizmo utilizes only the best technologies to ensure longevity and security for a client’s collection.  In addition, we will design your case with the appropriate interior lighting and climate control to maximize preservation.

Pedestal & Vitrine Fabrication

Gizmo’s high-end, seamless pedestals come in all different sizes and shapes, whether it’s a plinth, a shelf or a base for a large sculpture, Gizmo assures a museum quality finish.

Gizmo fabricates glass or acrylic vitrines, providing museum quality polished edges, UV protection, and locking systems as needed.