Museum of Sonoma County exhibit opening of ‘Sonoma County Stories’

The Museum of Sonoma County held an opening for its new permanent exhibit titled ‘Sonoma County Stories’. This interactive exhibit is built around interviews recorded by former Press Democrat columnist Gaye LeBaron and also includes dozens of pieces from the museum’s collections. It is intended to deliver a more in depth history of Sonoma County…

Community Voices

Gizmo completes installation of Community Voices wall. “Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Community Voices from Facebook celebrates the people living this mission through our weekly video and photography series. Our stories feature Facebook community members from around the world, showing the global impact…

Children's interative installation

Using Graphics Throughout Exhibits To Educate

By combining style, text, illustrations, and images, Gizmo’s works closely with graphic companies to effectively develop your project through a variety of visual avenues. Gizmo regularly is ordering and creating elements like 3-D Lettering/Vinyl Graphics for clients. At Gizmo, our capabilities allow us to mix various mediums to create unique and high-quality graphic applications including banners, labels, printed…

Gizmo can Build all your Display Cases

Gizmo custom designs distinctive cases and display supports for a range of valuable collections.  From antique wine collections to historic artifacts, Gizmo utilizes only the best technologies to ensure longevity and security for a client’s collection.  In addition, we will design your case with the appropriate interior lighting and climate control to maximize preservation.

Pedestal & Vitrine Fabrication

Gizmo’s high-end, seamless pedestals come in all different sizes and shapes, whether it’s a plinth, a shelf or a base for a large sculpture, Gizmo assures a museum quality finish. Gizmo fabricates glass or acrylic vitrines, providing museum quality polished edges, UV protection, and locking systems as needed.