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Get To Know Gizmo’s Fabrication Services

Gizmo’s in-house facilities offer high-quality craftsmanship in modeling, carpentry, metal work, custom finishes and other multimedia, allowing us to serve a diverse clientele of artists, museums and various public and private institutions. We pride ourselves on approaching each project with an open mind and consideration of our client’s needs regardless of scale or constraints.

sculpture Custom Sign San Francisco Public Art

Gizmo to help Scott Oliver create Points of Departure for Masonic Plaza

Gizmo has collaborated with many artists over the years to produce unique art commissions around the world but still continues to provide their unique services in their own backyard. Scott’s diverse practice explores our entangled relationship with objects and materiality through, what he calls, “poetic repurposing.” Scott identified Mark Sabatino (mark@gizmosf.com) of Gizmo as an…