Sonic Playground is Live!

Gizmo worked with sound consultants Charcoal Blue to create these life size sound transferable sculptures for Yuri Suzuki Studio. The sculptures are located outside of the High Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, where Kids can spend their time listening and making sounds into the parabolic flutes and experience the endless sound possibilities. These pieces are made…

Wind Sculpture

Gizmo Works With Ride Art To Make New Sculpture In Brighton CO

“Passages” is a kinetic artwork by Ride Art Studio of Berkeley, California. This 22-foot high sculpture is located in Brighton, Colorado. It celebrates the beautiful landscape that surrounds the community and tells the story of Brighton’s agricultural history.” Gizmo collaborated with Ride Art Studios Jonathan Russell and Saori Ide in realizing their unique kinetic sculpture by…

san francisco public art


Check out Ana Teresa Fernandez’s new sculpture in San Francisco! Fabricated and installed by Gizmo Art Production. The “Dream” piece was installed for the viewers coming in and out of San Francisco to enjoy. The sculpture is a homage to the graffiti artist Mike “Dream” Francisco who was gunned down in San Francisco in 2000.…

art fabrication

We Don’t Just Do This For Fun!

Here at Gizmo, work and passion are one in the same. The fabricators are not just fabricators, they are artists, putting their heart into everything they do, striving for perfection. Gizmo creates and thrives off the inspiration and ideas of artists, museums, visitors centers, and companies who all want to improve their surroundings in an…

sculpture freight installation shipping

How Gizmo Handles Logistics

Since each work of art is unique, we understand client concerns with shipping and handling.  Whether it’s for one painting or a multi-piece collection for a cross country exhibit, we’ll handle your inventory with the highest collection management standards. We have full crating capacity and can construct creates for any size or shapte to fit…

fabrication shop

Get To Know Gizmo’s Fabrication Services

Gizmo’s in-house facilities offer high-quality craftsmanship in modeling, carpentry, metal work, custom finishes and other multimedia, allowing us to serve a diverse clientele of artists, museums and various public and private institutions. We pride ourselves on approaching each project with an open mind and consideration of our client’s needs regardless of scale or constraints.