New Exhibits at Jack London Museum!

Jack London State Historic Park is celebrating it’s 55th anniversary as a National Historic Landmark! To celebrate, the Jack London Museum will be renovating all of its exhibits at the House of Happy Walls in Glenn Ellen California. The exhibits are being designed by the Sibbett Groupand fabricated by Gizmo. “Jack and Charmian London were trail…

Gizmo can Build all your Display Cases

Gizmo custom designs distinctive cases and display supports for a range of valuable collections.  From antique wine collections to historic artifacts, Gizmo utilizes only the best technologies to ensure longevity and security for a client’s collection.  In addition, we will design your case with the appropriate interior lighting and climate control to maximize preservation.

Pedestal & Vitrine Fabrication

Gizmo’s high-end, seamless pedestals come in all different sizes and shapes, whether it’s a plinth, a shelf or a base for a large sculpture, Gizmo assures a museum quality finish. Gizmo fabricates glass or acrylic vitrines, providing museum quality polished edges, UV protection, and locking systems as needed.