Auspicious Clouds

Gizmo fabricated Michael Arcega's benches to sit on Broadway Street. Client: Michael Arcega Category: Public Art Location: San Francisco, CA Date: September 2018 Michael Arcega was commissioned by San Francisco Arts Commission & the Department of Public Works. He chose Gizmo to fabricate and installed these benches along Broadway. Painted steel These functional sculptures draw inspiration from cloud motifs…

Daniel Hopper

Client: Daniel Hopper Category: Public Art Location: San Francisco Date: October 2017 Gizmo Art Production project managed, fabricated parts, and installed Daniel Hopper’s sculpture that is now located at 1075 Market st. on the front of a new apartment building. Daniel Hopper is a bay area artist and modern blacksmith who fabricated the metal rings that make…

Val Britton

Val Britton's whimsical "Passage" was prototyped and fabricated by Gizmo. Client: Val Britton  Category: Art Fabrication Location: Houston, Texas Date: May 2016 Val Britton in partnership with Gallery Wendi Norris, hired Gizmo to fabricate this incredibly detailed sculpture titled "Passage", to hang in San Francisco. The piece is mainly made up of waterjet cut and bent…

Blessing Hancock “At One”

Blessing Hancock worked with Gizmo to have them fabricate and install this large stainless steel, water jet cut sculpture.

The name of the public art piece is “As One” and was installed in the park, Dillard Green Space in Broward County, Florida.

Each individual petal was water jet cut and then welded to the artist specifications. She designed the shapes and cut-outs that are displayed along the vertical pieces.

Gizmo hired an electrician and contractor who subcontracted to do the footing and to install the jbox for the lighting.

The lighting makes the shadows of the sculpture aluminate on the grassy area surround the piece, echoing the beautiful shapes cut from the metal.

Yulia Pinkusevich

Gizmo carved the undulating sculpture with chainsaws and grinders from multiple redwood trunks. Client: Yulia Pinkusevich Category: Art Installation Location: Stanford University, Palo Alto, California Date: October 2015 Artists are curious in nature and art is rooted in experimentation. With this in mind, we set out to design seating for creative people to engage with. SIMA…