Studio Tour

Check Out Our Studio!

Gizmo recently invited a group of art students from the San Francisco Art Institute to tour and explore our fabrication shop. The students are part the Young Artist Program (YAP), which is an immersive summer program for young artists ages 13–15. When the kids arrived they met with Gizmo’s Production Manager Jeremy Kaplan. He talked…

custom multimedia installation

Take Your Project to The Next Level With Multi-Media, Audio, And Lighting

Gizmo uses many means of delivering exhibit messages, including audio playback and recording, interactive and immersive video, or computer driven media interaction for online content and/or custom educational games. We offer writing, audio recording and programming, as well has integrate technologies into exhibitions for audio interactives that use overhead speakers, headphones, telephone handsets, and microphones…

exhibit design fabrication

Make Sure Your Museum has Interactive & Hands-On Exhibits

In today’s competitive museum market, an interactive exhibit can be a critical element to set your institution apart from the rest. Gizmo specializes in the creation and development of, one-of-a- kind exhibits, designed to enhance the visitor experience. Using a variety of techniques from mechanical, electrical, hydro or solar, your visitor will leave with “how-to”…

Children's interative installation

Using Graphics Throughout Exhibits To Educate

By combining style, text, illustrations, and images, Gizmo’s works closely with graphic companies to effectively develop your project through a variety of visual avenues. Gizmo regularly is ordering and creating elements like 3-D Lettering/Vinyl Graphics for clients. At Gizmo, our capabilities allow us to mix various mediums to create unique and high-quality graphic applications including banners, labels, printed…

Gizmo can Build all your Display Cases

Gizmo custom designs distinctive cases and display supports for a range of valuable collections.  From antique wine collections to historic artifacts, Gizmo utilizes only the best technologies to ensure longevity and security for a client’s collection.  In addition, we will design your case with the appropriate interior lighting and climate control to maximize preservation.