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Check out Ana Teresa Fernandez’s new sculpture in San Francisco! Fabricated and installed by Gizmo Art Production. The “Dream” piece was installed for the viewers coming in and out of San Francisco to enjoy. The sculpture is a homage to the graffiti artist Mike “Dream” Francisco who was gunned down in San Francisco in 2000.…

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We Don’t Just Do This For Fun!

Here at Gizmo, work and passion are one in the same. The fabricators are not just fabricators, they are artists, putting their heart into everything they do, striving for perfection. Gizmo creates and thrives off the inspiration and ideas of artists, museums, visitors centers, and companies who all want to improve their surroundings in an…

Airbus interior aiplane furniture fabrication

Gizmo Art Production Fabricates Airbus’s Customizable Airplane Modules

The future of flight is customizable: Introducing Transpose “In order to create new passenger experience possibilities, we must first work to simplify the process of customizing aircraft cabins. We’re doing this with the development of a modular aircraft cabin, and by giving the ecosystem of airlines, manufacturers, passengers, and regulators the tools to rapidly bring…

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Get To Know Gizmo’s Fabrication Services

Gizmo’s in-house facilities offer high-quality craftsmanship in modeling, carpentry, metal work, custom finishes and other multimedia, allowing us to serve a diverse clientele of artists, museums and various public and private institutions. We pride ourselves on approaching each project with an open mind and consideration of our client’s needs regardless of scale or constraints.