Have An Art Installation That Is Large-Scale?

Gizmo utilizes sophisticated and advanced installation techniques.  Our expertise allows us to install complicated works from elaborate kinetic and dynamic sculptures to conventional gallery and salon hangings to heavy outdoor sculpture placement. Gizmo’s art handlers are trained in advanced handling techniques and streamlined operations, to mitigate unnecessary risk. Our handlers are passionate about what they do, and…

fabrication shop

Get To Know Gizmo’s Fabrication Services

Gizmo’s in-house facilities offer high-quality craftsmanship in modeling, carpentry, metal work, custom finishes and other multimedia, allowing us to serve a diverse clientele of artists, museums and various public and private institutions. We pride ourselves on approaching each project with an open mind and consideration of our client’s needs regardless of scale or constraints.

All About Exhibit Furniture

Gizmo designs and produces high quality furniture for your exhibits or organization.  Our in house team can create original designs or work with your designers to produce a wide range of functional and artistic furniture.  Our designers are knowledgeable in a wide range of materials to ensure durability in any kind of temperature or elements. …