Gizmo begins construction of art elements for Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

November 1, 2014

Plans to do just that were revealed at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, also known as MAH. Museum officials have worked with community leaders from the County, the City, the business sector, social services, the arts, and community organizations to develop a mixed-use plan for the plaza that includes a large-scale, permanent interactive sculptures with significant “wow” factor that invite visitors young and old to engage with art in a playful, inspiring way. “We look at Abbott Square as the front porch of the museum, the connection between downtown and the MAH,” said MAH executive director Nina Simon. “We’re looking for it to be a permanent space for art and community.” The redesign features a central piece of artwork across the L-shaped walls of the MAH, with lines mirroring both sides as a half circle of buoys protrude creating the illusion of a full circle. A preview exhibition was held in the square on July 10 to showcase the artwork designed by the Oakland-based company Gyroscope. San Francisco based Gizmo Art Production, Inc. will be fabricating and installing the new facade mirror components and the buoy sculpture. For more information, go to:


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