Topographic Maps

Topographic Maps

Gizmo creates 3D topographic model using CAD/CAM and CNC technology. We can import USGS maps, or clients’ drawings, transform them into 3 dimensional segments, and carve foam, plastics, or wood to create the base model. We then hand detail, add a hard coating and finish paint. We also add smaller models and or labels as needed to complete the model.

We use this same technology to create molds for casting.

Gizmo has provided 3d models and mold making for the Arastradero Nature Gateway Preserve, the American River Conservancy, Pin Point Heritage Museum, and many others.


Topographic Map
American River ConservancyAmerican River Conservancy
Topographic Maps
City of Palo AltoCity of Palo Alto
Arastradero Gateway Preserve

Did you know Gizmo offers hourly rates for CNC machining?