Heritage Museum, Custom Fabrication & Exhibitions

Gizmo partnered with branding designers O&H of Dallas TX (who did the research, writing, and graphic design) to develop exhibit ideas, hands-on activities, media pieces, sculptures, and all of the indoor and exterior didactic panels and artifact placement. Gizmo created all of the supports, casework, sculptures, signage, and even the retail furniture for the store at their San Francisco studio, then drove it to Pin Point where their crew awaited to install it.

Amongst the exhibits are natural sculptures depicting crabs, ice blocks used for chipping and packing the fresh seafood, and even a thousand whole oysters (cast from real ones). Media pieces include a touch-screen video which allows selection of some hundred excerpts from the original documentary made for the museum entitled “Take Me to the Water: The Story of Pin Point” by Jeff Bednarz, which plays in its entirety in a mini-theater in the next room on a seventy-inch flat screen. In the Picking and Cooling house of the museum are other video playbacks which visitors can select from telling how the crabs were caught, shelled, and deviled, as well as several key points where back-lit photographs are accompanied by audio tracks when activated by visitors. The museum also celebrates the river, the marsh, and local wildlife, while also educating on the origins of the Gullah/Geechee people (originally from Angola) who emigrated from Ossabaw Island to Pin Point after hurricanes forced them to move inland in the late 1800’s.




Gizmo also provided all of the media playback systems and programming, working with content developers to assure matching colorization, resolution, and order in all of the video components. The exhibits were created with permanence in mind and made for the community of Pin Point to enjoy!!