Saving Lives from the Sky

Gizmo happily completed Discovery Gateway Children's Museum's recently unveiled interactive exhibit, Saving Lives from the Sky. Sponsored by Intermountain Healthcare, a unique and first of its kind exhibit, Saving Lives is entirely hands-on featuring real life medical simulations, with interactive opportunities for up to 40 children at a time!

Gizmo helped the Salt Lake City, Utah children's museum with design, value engineering, constructing, and installation of this exciting new exhibit about life rescue and helicopters.


The exhibit features a hospital, a command center, and a decommissioned helicopter to set-up different rescue scenarios and engage visitors in learning about how each of these components work together to perform life saving rescues in the mountains of Utah.



Located on the roof of the museum, the exhibit includes a roof structure to protect the helicopter from the elements for year round access and durability, and a custom-made hospital structure that houses all of the medical scenarios and life saving practices.



Gizmo developed many hands-on exhibits and multi-media experiences, including an interactive that allows visitors to send a small scale helicopter model into flight using a hand crank, answering and dispatching emergency calls from the command center to the hospital and the chopper, scrubbing up and getting dressed for work as doctors and in-flight nurses, diagnosing and performing triage operations, using mock X-ray equipment, and performing first aid on 3-D “patients” in the chopper and at the hospital. The exhibit is now open permanently to the public!