Children’s Museum of La Habra

Clubhouse H2O

Clubhouse H2O is an innovative hands-on exhibit that features a kid-sized kitchen and bathroom area where families can learn how to conserve Earth’s natural resources as a party of their daily routines. Young visitors have fun loading the dishwasher and listening to the wash cycle, adjusting the “drippy” faucet, flushing the working toilet and seeing the difference between a low-flow and high-flow show system.


Conceived and built by Gizmo Art Production, Clubhouse H2O features a recycling water system that exemplifies the principles of water, sewer, and refuse conservation. Children of all ages benefit from learning the basic concepts of water conservation and recycling from this excellent educational tool.


By creating a fun kitchen space including a stove, a sink and a dishwasher, children are inspired to play while absorbing important lessons about how their decisions directly affect the amount of water used by their families. A cartoon theme pulls the exhibit together with numerous facts and information into a fun entertaining package.