Jim Campbell, The Journey, Sculpture, Installation

Jim Campbell

The Journey

"The Journey," the newest LED light installation by San Francisco based contemporary artists Jim Campbell, is scheduled to debut at the San Diego International Airport in April 2013.


Photo by Melissa Huapaya

Gizmo worked with Jim Campbell by making its studio and technicians available for assembling the piece, which consists of 35,000 blue lights (each one and a half inches in diameter), crating, shipping, and installing the six foot wide, 500 foot long segmented light ribbon.

The work, the artists largest public art piece to date, is suspended from the ceiling to create an undulated plane to guide passengers from the security area into the gate area in Terminal 2 of the newly remodeled area of the airport. The ribbon of light will seem to float eleven to twenty-eight feet overhead- an airy apparition you can see right through.

Prototype of Blue Path, Temporarily Installed at San Diego Airport