Kinetic Sculpture, Installation, Michael Davis

Michael Davis


In 2010, Gizmo helped California sculptor Michael Davis by fabricating, transporting, and installing "Salute", a marker of time and location, continually interacting with the environmental conditions of the site. Mounted in front of the new Kansas City (MO) Metro Police station, the work resembles a weather vane topped with a copper officer saluting the surrounding community. Below the vane, a truncated structure of stainless steel, bronze and blue glass creates a time marking tower. As the sun moves throughout the day, a shadow records the movement of the sunʼs path across the plaza.

Materials: Copper, stainless steel, steel, concrete, granite, blue laminated safety glass, brass, bronze Dimensions: 19ʼ-6” H x 2ʼ-3”W x 2ʼ-3” D