Kua Patten, Museum Consultant

Kua Patten Museum Consultant

Kua Patten - Principal Patten Museum Consulting

Kua Patten started PMC in 2013, after 20 years with the Exploratorium in San Francisco. He started at the Exploratorium in 1993, building exhibits after earning his Master’s Degree in Sculpture at Montana State University. He moved to the Exhibit Services department in 1998 as Production Manager and became its Director in 2005. He also holds a BFA in Photography and other professional certifications.

Kua has a broad skill set including Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Filemaker, Salesforce, AutoCad, Inventor, Sketchup, Machining, Welding (Arc, MIG, TIG), Woodworking, Plastics Fabrication, Electrical (high and low voltage), Refrigeration, Metal casting, sheet metal fabrication, electronics, neon fabrication, photography, graphic design and layout, offset printing. Kua also teaches Neon for the youth program at The Crucible in Oakland and has been consulting for Gizmo since 2014.